Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

dried ME

dried Cantharellus cibarius, Montenegro, grade B, EUR 25.00/kg DAP

dried Morchella conica, Montenegro
special, without stems, 1-3cm, 2-4cm, EUR 220/kg DAP
extra, with stems, 1-3cm, 2-4cm, EUR 200/kg DAP

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dried Boletus edulis

dried Boletus edulis, Montenegro
1st class, sorted 2-4cm, EUR 44.00/kg DAP
1st class, unsorted, EUR 44.00/kg DAP 
2nd class, sorted 2-4cm, EUR 38.50/kg DAP
3rd class, EUR 29.00/kg DAP

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

frozen CN

IQF Black Fungus, China, USD 930/mt FOB Xiamen

IQF Shiitake, China
whole 2-4cm, USD 1185/mt FOB Dalian
quarters, USD 1145/mt FOB Dalian
slices, USD 1110/mt FOB Dalian

IQF Apricot, China, halves, skin on, unblanched, USD 740/mt FOB Qingdao
IQF Sugar Snap Peas, China, USD 935/mt FOB Qingdao
IQF Water-chestnut, China, slices, USD 1750/mt FOB Shenzhen

Monday, April 15, 2019

frozen CN

frozen Shiitake, China
whole B, USD 980/mt CFR EMP
slices A, USD 1120/mt CFR EMP
slices B, USD 770/mt CFR EMP
quarters A, USD 990/mt CFR EMP

frozen Oysters, China, cut 2x2cm, USD 815/mt CFR EMP

frozen Strawberry, China, grade A, A13, 15-25mm, USD 1450/mt CFR EMP

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

frozen CN

frozen Oysters, China, cubes 2x2cm, 10kg/ctn, USD 1250/mt FOB Qingdao

frozen Blackberry, China, 10kg/ctn, USD 750/mt FOB Qingdao

frozen Apricot, China, halves, with skin, golden sun, 10kg/ctn, USD 850/mt FOB Qingdao

fresh Truffles

fresh Tuber aestivum, Italy (Irpinia), 15g+, EUR 190/kg DDP

Monday, April 1, 2019

frozen berries CN

IQF Blackberries, China, 25mt/40'fcl, USD 895/mt FOB Qingdao
IQF Lingoberries, China, 25mt/40'fcl, USD 4460/mt FOB Qingdao
IQF Raspberries, China, crumbles, 25mt/40'fcl, USD 1120/mt FOB Dalian
IQF Raspberries, China, organic, whole 95 %, 21mt/40'fcl, USD 3060/mt FOB Dalian

IQF Strawberries, China, 25mt/40'fcl
AM13, 15-25mm, USD 2090/mt FOB Qingdao
AM13, 25-35mm, USD 1885/mt FOB Qingdao

IQF Apricot, China, halves, skin on, unblanched, 25mt/40'fcl, USD 960/mt FOB Qingdao
IQF Peach, China, diced, 10x10mm, 25mt/40'fcl, USD 1165/mt FOB Qingdao

dried CN

dried Suillus granulatus, China
slices A, 10kg/ctn, 9.6mt/40'fcl
slices B, 10kg/ctn, 4.8mt/20'fcl, origin half China, half Korea, USD 6900/mt CFR Hamburg
whole 3-5cm, 10kg/ctn

dried Pleurotus ostreatus, China
cubes, 6.15mt/40'fcl, USD 7450/mt CFR Hamburg

dried Lentinula edodes, China
slices, 4.3mt/40'fcl, USD 9735/mt CFR Hamburg

dried red Suillus, Korea, shipping from China
2mt, USD 9270/mt CFR Hamburg

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